About Saleem Chaudhary

Words can be easily spoken. They can be used in context or out of context. At times they enable us to formulate ideas, at other times they confuse everyone. Strong words can draw our attention; however, that attention can be substantial or cheap notoriety. A few words can project a powerful statement where many words can weaken the cause.

Images are not different. Every great image is a story book that connects with the viewer and initiates a dialog. The conversation begins the moment the image is seen and lasts a life time.

Great images are few and far in between. Of course, there is no recipe for capturing such image; however, the fundamentals remain - quantity cannot be substituted for quality. Few can move more than many. Simplicity triumphs over the complex. Clarity over confusion.

In the end, a great image is like few words that speak volumes and stay with you forever.

The desire to capture great images drives all photographers in an ongoing saga.

Arzoo, in Farsi / Urdu / Hindi means desire.